Boxing gloves


Since the early 2000s, RD BOXING has been offering materials constantly evolving with the practise of boxing. RD BOXING is forever expanding and subsequently the technology, comfort, precision and safety standards are always progressing. Our main objective is to enable the athlete to express themselves under the best possible conditions, irregardless of their skill level.

To achieve this the RD BOXING's search and development team bases its work on observing the evolution of both technique and training practice. The RD BOXING's new concepts are implemented from the beggining of the technical developement then tested and analysed by experts in products dedicated to combat sports and by a team of high level trainers and fighters (Team RD boxing) for the different development phases.

The range of RD BOXING boxing gloves is designed according to a technical protocol called HFC (Hybride Foam Compound). This technical protocol is an exclusive RD BOXING know how. The choice and the combination of materials composing each glove will determine their type of use. This will help the athlete to select the right gloves for them according to their level of practice. Each RD BOXING product with a HFC logo following a number will be identified as "recommanded" for a certain level of practice and training.

  • Logo 2HFC = Training / Beginner.
  • Logo 3HFC= Training / Advanced.
  • Logo 4HFC= Intensive training / Expert.

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